2013 Arizona State Outdoor Championships

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Date(s) - 09/28/2013 - 09/29/2013
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ben Avery FITA Range

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                                                                           USA Archery Arizona

                                                               Member of the National Archery Association since 1974 is proud to host the

                      2013 Arizona State Outdoor Championship

                                      Sept 28-29th, 2013 – Star FITA registered


All Registrations must be done on line

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                         State Outdoor Score Log


LOCATION:  Ben Avery Shooting Facility, FITA Range, Phoenix, Arizona

TOURNAMENT RULES:            USA ARCHERY including USAA dress code and new FITA rules effective April 1, 2011 will be enforced.

CHAMPIONSHIP ELIGIBILITY:  USA Archery membership listing Arizona as your residence is required for you to compete for State Championship titles and awards. Guests (Non-USAA and/or Non-Arizonans) are welcome to shoot in a guest category.

CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS:  Awards will be distributed for the Arizona State Outdoor Championship based on the number of actual participants in the category using the following awards structure:

·         All categories will have awards down to 3rd place

·         Guest categories:  no awards

QUALIFICATION ROUND:  144  arrow Qualification Round will determine the State Champions         

  • All Seniors and Juniors will shoot a four distance FITA. (90/70m, 70/60m, 50m, 30m) (Men/Women distances)
  • All Masters and Cadets will shoot a four distance FITA. (70/60m, 60/50m, 50/40m, 30m) (Men/Women distances)
  • All Cubs will shoot a four distance FITA. (50m, 40m, 30m, 20m)
  • All Bowmen will shoot a four distance FITA. (30m, 25m, 25m, 20m)
  • All 1st day distances will be on a 122cm face and 2nd day all classes will shoot 6 ring 80cm face. 
  • All ends are 4 minute, 6 arrow ends.
  • Guests are welcome to shoot in a Guest category. 

Shade and Chairs: There will be shade for Archers and Spectators; however you should bring your own chairs.  There is bleacher seating for Spectators.  

TOURNAMENT QUESTIONS?  Tournament Director:   Rick Bachman   email desertskyarchers@gmail.com

REGISTRATION QUESTIONS? Rick Bachman   desertskyarchers@gmail.com  


Schedule of Events


Sept 28, 2013 (Saturday):  8:00 am             Archers Check-in & Equipment Inspection

                                                  8:30 am             Start of Official Practice

                                                  9:00 am             1st Distance – 36 arrows Begins (approx. 90 Minutes)

                                                  10:30 am           Range Re-set for 2nd Distance /Lunch to follow

                                                  11:45 am           2nd Distance – 36 arrows Begins (approx. 90 Minutes)

                                                                              End of 1st Day

Sept 29, 2013 (Sunday):     8:30 am             Official Practice

                                                  9:00 am             3rd Distance Begins (approx. 90 Minutes)

                                                  10:30 am           Lunch/Range Re-set

                                                  11:45 am           Final Distance Begins (approx. 90 Minutes)


                                                                              Put away tournament equipment (all help is appreciated)

Our goal is to run the tournament as close as possible to this schedule but situations such as weather, protests or equipment failures may require us to modify the schedule. Announcements will be made at the Field.

Review the USAA AZ Tournament Rules and Procedures Information link for more event information: http://www.azjoad.com/main/forms/ASAA_Tournament_Rules_and_Procedures_Summary-Feb-22-2011.pdf


Tournament will require waivers to be signed at check-in.


 Physician’s Physical Therapy


You must be a member of USA Archery to be eligible for non-guest categories

“All USA Archery members will be required to show proof of membership at the time of tournament check-in. You can print out a copy of your membership card by going to the membership page of the USA Archery web site and logged into your personal account.”

You will be asked the following questions, they must be filled out

Bow type:             ¨Recurve       ¨Compound     ¨Barebow                             

Gender:                 ¨Male             ¨Female

Wheelchair required?:           Yes           No

Age:       ¨Bowman      (Participants may compete as a “Bowman” through the calendar year of their 12th birthday, ie: born in 2001 or later)

                ¨Cub              (Participants may compete as a “Cub” through the calendar year of their 14th birthday, ie: born in 1999 or later)

                ¨Cadet           (Participants may compete as a “Cadet” through the calendar year of their 17th birthday, ie :born in 1996 or later)

                ¨ Junior           (Participants may compete as a “Junior” through the calendar year of their 20th birthday, ie: born in 1993 or later)

                ¨ Master 50    (Participants may compete as a “Master 50” beginning in the calendar year of their 50th birthday, ie: born in 1963 or earlier)

                ¨ Master 60    (Participants may compete as a “Master 60” beginning in the calendar year of their 60th birthday, ie: born in 1953 or earlier)

                ¨ Master 70    (Participants may compete as a “Master 70” beginning in the calendar year of their 70th birthday, ie: born in 1943 or earlier)

                ¨ Senior          (any age)


USAA Membership Information:    Your membership number and expiration date.  This is required to be eligiblefor awards.


Registration Fee:

                Championship – Arizona JOADS          ¨$50.00 (eligible for Title and Award)

                Championship – Arizona Adults            ¨$60.00 (eligible for Title and Award)

                Open (Guest Category – no awards)      ¨$65.00 (for Non USAA Arizona residents or USAA members not listing Arizona as their residence.

                LATE FEE:                                                  ¨$20.00, Add late fee, if we will receive forms after Sept 21

            Payments must be made through PayPal or mailed in, payable to Desert Sky Archers, prior to Sept 21st, 2013

www.paypal.com  Account desertskyarchers@gmail.com

Mailing address for payment only:  Desert Sky Archers

                                                               41203 N Sutter Lane

                                                               Anthem, AZ  85086