SoCal Showdown!

SoCal Showdown USAT #3

Desert Sky Archers sent six archers plus Spencer go to the tournament.  The weekend had its ups and downs but it finished on a high note for all.

The organizers lined up 100 bales and we had archers at all points down the line.  Recurve archers were on the West end with the compound archers on the East end.  Sadly, due to this I never got to see Andrew Park as he was on the low end of numbers and Ryan Bachman was on the high end of numbers.

The excitement started for Ryan as we realized we had left his quiver and arrows in the archery room at the Bachman house.  Melanie quickly grabbed the arrows and took them to the UPS store to Next Day Air Early AM to our hotel.  Huge kudos to the Anthem UPS Store for helping us out!!!!  John McCurry stepped up with some loner arrows for Ryan!

Archers Performance:

Andrew Park Recurve Cadet Men finished fourth in Qualifying and just missed out on the Bronze coming in fourth in the Eliminations!!!!  Another incredible performance!  Andrew shot his personal best all while being very sick!!!

Ryan Bachman Compound Cadet Men struggled in the Qualifying.  He was upset with himself over forgetting his arrows and the bale stands used had wood behind the upper left of the 8-5 rings.  This further upset him.  Lost 3 points in the wood frame and risked damaging his new arrows.  This is where I am proud of DSA (and Spencer) kids.  They supported him and responded the next day with a huge improvement.  (I know this is long but hey, I am Dad).  He lost in his first round by 1 point, more like 1mm on a couple of arrow calls.  His score would have been a personal best when converted to Qualifying format!!!!

Raley Morgan Recurve Junior Women shined.  Fourth in Qualifying.  Shooting spectacularly showing top level poise under pressure.  Juniors get shafted as they are lumped into the senior division (still was in the top 18) for Eliminations.  Raley easily won her first match.  She defeated high ranked Anna Miscione in her second match and lost to eventual champion Lanola Pritchard in a one arrow shoot off on the third match.  Raley is a force to be reckoned with!

John McCurry Recurve Master Men qualified and excellent 7th.  He won his first match with ease.  In his second match, John shot very well but lost in the quarter finals.  I want to thank John for helping Ryan and being a key asset to Team DSA!

Natali Heidt Compound Cadet Women qualified 21st.  He qualifying score was an amazing 90 points better than her personal best!  She shot even better in the qualifying round but missed out winning her first Elimination round.  Natali fought a sore bow arm during the match and still made DSA proud!

Grace Reed Compound Cadet Women qualified 14th.  30 points better than her personal best!  Grace won her first Elimination round and did great in her second round but lost out to the 4th place archer.  Grace stayed calm and showed poise far more than her experience!

Spencer Yee Compound Cadet Men qualified 8th.  While Spencer is a member of another JOAD, he is still a part of us and we are very proud of him.  He supports and guides our archers to be better.  This is the most exciting news.  Spencer WON the SoCal Showdown for Compound Cadet Men!  In his semi-final match; he was down one point going into the last end and then put the pressure on and won by one point!!!  Spencer showed experience by easily winning the Gold Medal match.


The level of competition at this tournament was amazing.  The fact our archers did great is a testament to their dedication and effort.  We are proud of all of you!  Hopefully next year more archer will come and enjoy the fun.

I want to give a few special shout outs

John McCurry for helping our Archers, Ryan in particular

Andi Morgan for being there and listening to me!

Becky Lozano for being there, helping the kids and supporting DSA!

Steve Yee for being our head coach.  Steve’s new design for the hardware at the tournament was fast and reliable.  He also fought issues with the scoring software.  Rcherz is excellent and I know they are learning with each tournament.

See our Gallery for pictures!