2018 State Outdoor

The 2018 Arizona State Outdoor was a huge success!


147 archers from around the state and outside Arizona competed.


Saturday Qualifying Rounds were VERY warm and we skipped lunch to finish before the heat became too oppressive.

We had 8 archers reach the podium for qualifying!


Sunday saw reduced temps and the start of the Elimination Rounds!

8 Archers reached the podium!


Spencer Yee Qualified 1st and is the Compound Junior Men State Champion!.  Spencer shot strong all weekend.

Sam Lopez Qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in Compound Junior Men! His first outdoor shoot in over a year.

Kim Hicks Qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in Compound Junior Women! Shot her best tournament score for a 72 qualifying round.

Lilly Graham Qualified 3rd and finished 2nd in Compound Cub Women!  Her first outdoor shoot and shot amazing.

Kaitlyn Kreidler Qualified 3rd and finished 2nd in Compound Bowman Women!  Also her best outdoor scores ever!

Grace Reed Qualified 2nd and finished 3rd in the extremely competitive Compound Cadet Women!  Her 2nd best tournament outdoor scores ever!

Raley Morgan Qualified 3rd and finished 3rd in Recurve Senior Women!  Raley shot her best tournament outdoor scores in a year!

Ryan Bachman Qualified 3rd and finished 3rd in Compound Junior Men!  Ryan’s first Outdoor State Championship Podium!

Max Gillespie Qualified 5th and finished 4th in Compound Bowmen Men!  Max shot awesome and barely missed the podium, he will be there next time!

Dustin Gillespie Qualified 7th and lost in quarter finals by 2 points in Compound Senior Men.  Dustin Shot his 2nd best outdoor scores ever in the qualifying round!

Avery Socia Qualified 7th and lost in the 1/8th round in the extremely difficult Compound Cadet Men.  This was Avery’s first 50M outdoor tournament and he shot great!


Very proud of our archers.  They shot great and supported each other throughout the tournament!


I want to thank all the people who jumped in and tore down the range in amazing speed.


I want to thank the following officials

Sandra Reynolds  COJ

Kristy Wapniarski DOS

Jackie Levario Line Judge

Charles Corridori Line Judge

Bud Lord Line Judge

Krista Colonna Announcer

Steve Yee Scoring


I want to thank our volunteers!

Kim Hicks

Megan Calahan

Phil Reed

Julie Reed

Grace Reed

Steve Yee

Susan Yee

Spencer Yee

Brenda Hicks

Ryan Bachman

Tyler Bachman

Melanie Bachman

Chloe Hendrickson

Paul Miller

Bev Certo

Tony Certo

Sam Lopez

Stephanie Kreidler

Rick Bertelson

Kriston Bertelson

Hailey Moffet

Udaya Tejwani

Becky Socia


Again, Thank you!