2018 Summer Sizzle

2018 Summer Sizzle

This past weekend 103 archers meet at the Ben Avery Indoor Archery Range for the 6th Summer Sizzle.  Six years in a row of a sellout.  This year we had 8 on our waiting list and several who chose not to be on the list!  Desert Sky would like to thank all the archer’s, their families and friends for competing.  The action was hot and heavy from the start.  Melody Richards from Papago Archery Association destroyed the national 25M Barebow Senior Women record.  From everyone at DSA, congratulations!  The new bales held up great and look to be a major improvement over the old darker bales.

A whopping 14 DSA archers competed with amazing results.

  • Grace Reed: 1st Place Compound Cadet Women, shot amazingly consistent and strong all weekend.
  • Dustin Gillespie: 1st Place Compound Senior Men, held the lead the entire tournament!
  • Sam Lopez: 1st Place Compound Junior Men, did great even after blowing up a cam bearing!
  • Amy Krebs: 2nd Place Recurve Senior Women, in her first tournament shot a solid and strong!
  • Kaytie Krebs: 2nd Place Recurve Cub Women, shot her personal best at 18 meters.
  • Lilly Graham: 2nd Place Compound Cub Women, shot in her first major tournament and had her second best per arrow average!
  • Max Gillespie: 2nd Place Compound Bowman Men, tied he personal best per arrow average!
  • Kim Hicks: 2nd Place Compound Senior Women, shot her personal best per arrow average in a two-day tournament!
  • Adi Tejwani: 2nd Place Recurve Cub Men, shot his second-best round ever!
  • Devin Timson: 2nd Place Recurve Junior Men, shot his best per arrow average in over two years!
  • Spencer Yee: 3rd Place Compound Cadet Men, neck and neck for the entire tournament with the top 3.
  • Tyler Bachman: 4th Place Recurve Senior Men, shot up in age group barely missing the podium!
  • Teagan Severns: 7th Place Recurve Cadet Women, shot per personal best in recurve!
  • Ryan Bachman: 9th Place Compound Cadet Men, shot strong and his 2nd best 25-meter round score!

I would also like to thank our judging staff

Charles Corridori

Jackie Levario

Bud Lord

John Gentile

Lester Chin


I would also like to thank all the volunteers.

Reed Family

Yee Family

Bachman Family

Graham Family

Moffett Family

Certo Family

Paul Miller

Hicks Family

Krista Colonna

And anyone I have missed.