2018 Arizona State Indoor

Hello Everyone!


Sorry I am  little late with this report.  Long weekend and busy workweek


I want to say thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Krebs family

Graham family

Moffet family

Warner/Tomasone family

Hendrickson family

Morgan family

Yee family

Tejwani family

Vance family

Socia family

Lozano/Heidt family



Phil Reed

Chloe Hendrickson


Line Coach

Paul Miller!!


I truly want to thank one archer that was an immense help all weekend.  Sam Lopez, you rocked!


This was the largest State Indoor Championship in Arizona’s history.  156 archers registered and 6 were on the waiting list.

The event ran super smooth, and it is due to everyone’s efforts!


Now on to our Archers


Andrew Park won Recurve Cadet Men with an amazing performance!

Tyler Bachman won Recurve Collegiate Men in his first event in the Collegiate Division

Adi Tejwani took second in Recurve Cub Men shooting his best scores on a 40cm target face

Kim Hicks took second in Compound Junior Women shooting her best indoor competition scores

Spencer Yee took second in Compound Cadet Men and popped for a 296 in the 3rd round!

Raley Morgan took third in Recurve Senior Women shooting her best indoor competition scores

Natalie Heidt took third in Compound Junior Women shooting her best indoor competition scores

Grace Reed took third in Compound Cadet Women shooting her best indoor competition scores

Kyoko Gentile took fourth in Compound Master 50 Women shooting well in a tough division

Jaci Vance took seventh in Recurve Cadet Women shooting her best scores ever on a 40cm target face

Ryan Bachman took thirteenth in Compound Cadet Men, he said he learned a lot and will be ready for the next one

Avery Socia took fifteenth in Compound Cadet Men, his first State Indoor and shot his best scores ever!


The coaching staff is very please with all of our archer’s performances.  They shot great we are always impressed on how they carry themselves at the range.


What is truly impressive is the number of archers that shot their best scores at the tournament.  This shows they are working hard and listening to the coaching staff.


I also want to thank the judges for the 2018 State Indoor.  They are a huge part of our team and we can not pull this off without them!

Mike Cullumber, Chris Amundsen, John Gentile, Charles Corridori, Jackie Levario, Bud Lord, Kristy Wapniarski, Sheri Rhodes and Frank Miller


Special Thank you to Diana and Terry LaBeau (truly special friends in the archery world)