2017 State Indoor

The 2017 State Indoor was this last weekend. We hosted this record setting tournament. 1st Record, 2017 was the largest Arizona State Indoor in history. 150 archers registered for the tournament. 34 state records were set by archers across the state. Our own Teagan Severns broke her own record for a 600 Round.

We have two State Champions.
Samantha Brown (her first State Championship) won in Recurve Bowman Women. 1st time on a 40 CM Target Face
Teagan Severns, while breaking her own record, won Barebow Cub Women.

Our other archers did awesome also!

Kylie Gordon takes second in Compound Bowman Women in her first State Championship.
Andrew Park took third in Recurve CadetMen, awesome job for our multiple National Champion.
Tyler Bachman took third Recurve Junior Men, his third straight State Championship podium.
Raley Morgan took third Recurve Junior Women, her third straight State Championship podium.
Kyoko Gentile took third in Compound Master 50 Women, her personal best score in a division that had the top 3 within 16 points.
John Gentile took fourth in Recurve Master 70 Men shooting his best score in a State Championship.
William Benoit took fifth in Compound Junior Men shooting his personal best in a 2×600 round.
Sam Lopez took sixth in Compound Junior Men shooting his 2nd best in a 2×600 round.
Joel Clegg took seventh in Recurve Cadet Men shooting, destroying, his personal best in score in a State Championship.
Devin Timson took ninth in Recurve Cadet Men shooting his 2nd best score in a State Championship.
Ryan Bachman took fifteenth in Compound Cadet Men, Arizona’s toughest division. Ryan earned his yellow pin, shot his personal best overall score and per arrow average.

DSA’s coaching staff is so proud of our archer’s. They did excellent
We would also like to thank all our volunteers this weekend
Morgan Family
Yee Family
Bachman Family
Byrom Family
Vance Family
Clegg Family
Arney Family
Lopez Family
Paul Miller
Elizabeth Livingston
Alexis Ruiz
Hendrickson Family
Devin Smith
Our Judges
Terry and Diana LaBeau
Charles Corridori
Paula Simpson
Lester Chin
Bud Lord
Krista Colonna
Brian Timson

Special Thanks to Brian Bullis and BRT Signs for the awesome plaques!

Troy Morgan for the artwork!

See you next year!!!